Empowering Imagination


Welcome to the

Age of Empowerment

My Mission is to cultivate within myself and others an Enlightened Holistic Perspective.

Enlightened, because to become truly free, we must be liberated from the bondage of our own ignorance.

Holistic, because to become truly empowered, we must become aware of the relationships between the parts (Individual Microcosms) and the whole (Collective Macrocosm).

Perspective, because to Exercise Command over the directions of our lives, we must possess the ability to see things and events in their true relationship to one another.


Scope of Activities


I invite you to consider the information I am willing to share and challenge you to attempt to falsify the claims that I make.



My first and foremost task is to orient the participant to the position from which they are invited to consider the material I offer to share.



The purpose of this training is to empower participants to make full use of their talents and abilities and the resources available to us through this inherent system to live our lives as we imagine.