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Copyright disclaimer: All excerpts, quotes, phrases, and common sayings of known or unknown origin may be italicized and enclosed in quotation marks. For example: "Insanity is...continuing to do the same things and expecting different results."

The recorded audio and written development notes are a mixture of original works, interpretative works, and derivative works.

Audio Development Notes
Written Development Notes

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Audio Development Notes


Please excuse the quality of the recorded audio notes as they were intended only as a means to capture my thoughts and were never intended to be openly shared with others.

All transcripts are created using an OpenAI voice to text engine called Whisper on the Google Colaboratory platform.

Development Notes Recorded At Home
RR: Democracy 20240427 G4.mp3 Transcript.pdf
RR: Democracy 20240427 G3.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Check Yourself 20240423.mp3 Transcript.pdf
RR: Democracy 20240325 T2.mp3 Transcript.pdf
RR: Democracy 20240325 T1.mp3 Transcript.pdf
RR: Democracy 20240311.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Event Line Concept 20230207.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Quantum Computation 20230217.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Realm of Entanglement 20230223.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Dreamcatcher Analogy 20230419.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Dreamcatcher Analogy 20230608.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Supporting Cast 20230802.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Course Corrections 20220325.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Proceed With Caution 20220706.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Masters Craft 20220806.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Gaming Infinite Potential 20220923.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Resonance Model 20221003.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Recursive Feedback 20211207.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Boundary Conditions 20200103.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Tuning Into Resonance 20200425.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Intangible Treasures 20190221.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Turn Based Reinforce Diminish 20190821.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Conscious Singularity 20191028.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Conversion Warning 20191104.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Singularity Field Effect 20191210.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Signal Path Conditioning 20180221.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Pure Presence 20180420.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Stand and Point 20180517.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Let Me Be Clear 20180518.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Presentation Plus Study Guide 20180523.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Puzzle Models 20180523.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Two Steps Back 20180529.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Metaphysical Big Bang 20180603.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Signs and Indicators 20180603.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Puzzle Models 20180611.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Wave Function 20180613.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Tall Ship Steerage 20180617.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Crows Nest Lookout 20180620.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Delicate Balance Summed 20180702.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Triangulation 20180723.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Stand and Point 20180808.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Running The Game 20180816.mp3 Transcript.pdf
System Builder 20180925.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Pattern Recognition 20170118.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Reality Game Play 20170120.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Modeling Mapmaking 20170307.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Ideology Resonance 20170406.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Tall Ship Rigging 20170828.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Two Steps Back 20160818.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Change USMC 1975 20161114.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Stand and Point 20161121.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Creative Redundancy 20161219.mp3 Transcript.pdf
QUESTioning 20150406.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Token Epistemology 20150430.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Casting Compels Impels 20150507.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Wizard Man 20150523.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Beacons Shine 20150605.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Waypoints 20150702.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Big Bang Awakening 20151104.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Reconciled Reunion 20151130.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Extraordinary Waypoints 20151216.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Kundalini Comparison 20140311.mp3 Transcript.pdf
At Rest Sheer Bliss 20140405.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Practice Dream 20140509.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Initiative to Master 20140802.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Master to Wizard 20141024.mp3 Transcript.pdf
School of Thought 20141028.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Making Magic 20141110.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Third Rail Approach 20141210.mp3 Transcript.pdf
Development Notes Recorded On The Road
On The Road audio note recordings have been processed using Adobe Podcast Enhance Speech for enhanced noise reduction.

Written Development Notes

Please excuse the quality and density of the written notes as they were intended only as a means to capture my thoughts and develop my models and were never intended to be openly shared with others.
3Stack Outline Packet
Conversion Cascade Packet
Force Multiplier Packet
Modal Process Packet
Entanglement Packet
Game Play Packet
Story Structure Packet
Contributing Guidance Packet
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